Arakan Army claims to occupy an airport in Rakhine State

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 9:40 am

The insurgent group Arakan Army (AA) has claimed control of Thandwe Airport in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. A source close to AA confirmed that they took possession of it on Sunday (June 23).

Thandwe Airport in the coastal city of western Myanmar’s Rakhine state is the international gateway to the famous Ngapali Beach, Myanmar news outlet The Irrawaddy reported in a report on Monday (June 24).

It is the first airport to be captured by an armed rebel group since the armed struggle against the Myanmar government began in 2021.

Ethnic Rakhine armed groups and junta troops have been clashing for some time in the village of Ji Phu Kone, near the airport.

The source said the Arakan Army has captured the Thandwe airport. Also, 132 Junta soldiers and 47 policemen and their family members were detained.

Thandwe Airport is one of four airports in Rakhine. However, the Arakan Army has not yet confirmed the capture of this airport. The Myanmar government has also been silent on the fighting in Thandwe.

Meanwhile, the junta government’s telegram channels denied that the control of Thandwe airport had passed to the rebels. They claimed that the collision took place on a hill about 1500 meters away from the airport.

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