Torture of Palestinian prisoners in the hospital by ‘shackles’

Last Updated on May 23, 2024 10:31 am

A BBC report claims that Palestinians detained in Gaza are being kept in ‘inhumane’ conditions in Israeli military hospitals.

The report, published on Tuesday (May 21), said that in addition to being tied to hospital beds, the detained Palestinians were blindfolded and forced to wear nappies.

An Israeli source has told the BBC how Palestinian prisoners are being treated without painkillers at a military hospital. It is also claimed that prisoners are suffering indescribable pain in various situations as a result.

Another doctor said “very limited” painkillers are used during surgeries on Palestinian prisoners in Gaza at a government hospital.

On condition of anonymity, he also said that seriously ill patients detained in temporary military installations are being deprived of proper treatment. Because government hospitals are not willing to take them there and treat them.

A detainee taken by Israeli forces from Gaza for questioning said he was not allowed to treat a wound on his leg. That’s why his leg had to be amputated in the end.

The Israeli military, however, has denied allegations of treatment of Palestinian prisoners at the hospital, saying patients are treated appropriately and with care.

A senior doctor at an Israeli military hospital has denied allegations of amputations of patients’ hands or feet due to the denial of treatment. However, he called it inhumane for the guards to shackle the patients or create other obstacles.

The BBC spoke to two whistleblowers to find out about the conditions of the detainees in the hospital. Neither of the two have released their names.

The information they provided was published last February in a report by Physicians for Human Rights in Israel. It said Israel’s civilian and military prisons had “become instruments of vengeance, revenge”. Prisoners’ human rights are being violated – especially their right to health.

Concerns have arisen over the treatment of sick and wounded prisoners at the field hospital at the Sedei Teman military base in southern Israel. The field hospital was established by the Israeli Ministry of Health after the Palestinian Liberation Organization Hamas attacked the southern part of Israel in October last year.

The hospital was established especially for the treatment of Gaza prisoners. Because some government hospitals and medical personnel were unwilling to treat fighters captured on the day of the Hamas attack. Since then, Israeli forces have been seizing large numbers of Palestinians from Gaza for interrogation, taking them to locations such as the Sedei Teman military base in the south.

Israel sent these prisoners to prison camps suspected of fighting alongside Hamas. Many were released without charge. The Israeli army does not release details about the detainees.

Patients are being handcuffed and blindfolded

Some doctors treating patients at Sedi Teman Hospital said patients were being shackled to the bed and blindfolded. They are being kept in diapers without being allowed to use the toilet.

In this regard, Israel said, in case of risk to the safety of the prisoners, they are being handcuffed. And patients who have undergone surgery and therefore have mobility issues are being put in diapers.

But eyewitnesses and Yoel Donchin, a senior anesthetist at the hospital, said diapers and handcuffs were being worn universally on hospital wards.

According to him, the army is making a patient 100% dependent. Just like a child. Being handcuffed, wearing diapers means that a patient cannot do anything they need to do on their own. It is inhumane.

Yoel Donchin also said that no one is being treated on a case-by-case basis. For example, even a patient who is unable to walk due to leg amputation, his hands are shackled to the bed, which makes no sense.

Two eyewitnesses have previously described patients being kept naked under blankets at the Israeli hospital at the start of the war in Gaza.

And in October last year, after the Hamas attack in Israel, a worker at Sedi Teman Field Hospital reported that patients were being operated on without painkillers and anaesthetics.

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