Medical entry test question leak: 5 doctors arrested in Khulna

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 9:19 am

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Bangladesh Police arrested five doctors in connection with their involvement in leaking medical college admission test questions and amassing money in Khulna on Monday.

The arrestees are Dr Md Yunus Uzzaman Khan Tarim, 40, Luis Saurav Sarkar, 30, Sharmistha Mondal, 26, Mustahin Hasan Lamia, 26, Nazia Mehjabin Tisha, 24.

CID Additional Police Superintendent (Media) Azad Rahman said: “Those arrested from Khulna were involved in leaking medical admission question papers. On August 13, Jasim was arrested as the mastermind of the leak of medical admission question papers.

“A diary was seized from him. There were names of people involved in leaking medical question papers across the country. Based on that information, these five people have been arrested in Khulna,” he also added.

Some of the arrested doctors were directly involved in the question paper leak. Others leaked question papers and participated in the medical entry test and were admitted to medical school.

Earlier, their families alleged during a press conference that on Monday, the doctors were picked up by CID members from their home.

CID sources said Yunus Uzzaman, a doctor at Khulna Medical College Hospital, owns a coaching center named Three Doctors in Khulna. He has been involved in consistently leaking medical question papers. Luis Saurav, an alumnus of Khulna Medical College, teaches at the center and works as a medical officer in a private company. Mustahin Hasan, Sharmistha Mondal, and Nazia Mehjabin were students of Khulna Medical College in the 2015-16 academic year.

Mustahin ranked 11th nationally in the medical admission test and was a Three Doctors Coaching Centre student. Sharmistha and Nazia got into Khulna Medical College using leaked Three Doctors question papers in exchange for money.

Dr Sharmistha Mondal is an intern doctor at Khulna Medical College Hospital. Dr Md Yunus Uzzaman Khan Tarim, an advisor at Three Doctors medical admission coaching in Khulna, is also involved with Swadhinata Chikitchik Parishad and used to lead Khulna Medical College Chhatra League.

He is currently an assistant registrar in the orthopedic department of the same hospital. He has been associated with medicle admission coaching for about 15 years. The rest work with private hospitals.

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