Modi directly targets Muslims for election campaign

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 3:57 am

In the midst of allegations of religious polarization and non-compliance with electoral code of conduct, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directly targeted Muslims in the Lok Sabha election campaign. Participating in an election rally in the country’s southern state of Telangana on Tuesday, he said that if the Congress wants to take away the reservation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes, Dalits, OBCs and give it to Muslims, then the Prime Minister will not allow it.

In the last few days, the opposition has started criticizing the various statements of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They have made several allegations against Modi including religious polarization, hate speech. Complaints have also been made about violation of the standard code of conduct in the election climate.

The Election Commission has also sought an explanation from his party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). But in between, the same tone was heard in the Prime Minister’s voice once again. However, unlike other times, he directly targeted the Muslims instead of using gestures.

In a campaign meeting in Jahirabad, Telangana, Narendra Modi said, “As long as I am alive, I will not, will not, will not hand over the protection of Dalits to Muslims on the basis of religion!” Congress and all their allies, open their ears and listen to this.

After so many controversies, why is this Prime Minister of India walking on the same path? Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday criticized Narendra Modi, saying that the Congress is on the way to achieving majority and that is why the Prime Minister is repeatedly bringing up the issue of ‘Mangalsutra’ and ‘Muslims’.

Many political experts also think that the BJP is desperate to win elections by bringing communal issues to the fore. Hindutva politics researcher and writer Snigdhendu Bhattacharya said, BJP is trying to avoid the issue of social justice. They want the vote to be held keeping the issue of communalism in front and not any other issue.

After two rounds of polls, BJP has become doubtful about its position, many people think so. On the other hand, political analyst Dr. Biswanath Chakraborty questioned the role of Election Commission.

According to him, why is the Election Commission not taking action against those who are doing the politics of religious polarization?

Although not mentioned directly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches from recent campaign rallies include corruption allegations against the opposition, BJP’s support for farmers, plight of women in non-BJP-ruled states, lack of development and many others.

Also the context of Ram Mandir or how Ram Navami or Durga Puja is not allowed in some states like West Bengal. Various issues such as the introduction of the amended citizenship law, the withdrawal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the abolition of triple talaq and the benefits of Muslim women or the India-Pakistan conflict have also come up.

In a public meeting in Rajasthan on April 21, Narendra Modi pulled an 18-year-old comment by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. See how the Congress party is trying to play with Babasaheb Ambedkar’s constitution, Modi said in Rajasthan. There was strong opposition to reservation on the basis of religion during the making of the constitution in this country, so that our SC, ST, OBC community could get protection. But Manmohan Singh gave a speech and I was present in that meeting as Chief Minister.

Manmohan Singh said that Muslims have the first right over the country’s wealth. This is Manmohanji’s statement. It was not a coincidence or just a statement. Because the thinking of the Congress party is always about appeasement, vote bank, he said.

Besides, Narendra Modi’s speech in Rajasthan’s Banswara did not directly mention the word ‘Muslim’, but the hint was clear. By saying ‘infiltrators’, ‘those who have more children’, the prime minister wanted to understand who was the target of his speech. At that time there were allegations of religious polarization surrounding his speeches in three consecutive meetings.

After that, the Prime Minister had to face severe criticism not only from the opposition, but also from the civil society and even the international media. A total of 20,000 complaints were filed against him by various people and organizations in the Election Commission. The Congress also approached the Election Commission complaining of not following the code of conduct.

Then on April 25, the commission asked the All India President of BJP for an explanation within 14 days. In the middle of this debate, the Prime Minister’s speech has repeatedly come up with almost the same statement.

As he targeted the Congress at the Satara meeting in Maharashtra, he said that the Indian Constitution does not mean reservation on the basis of caste. But what did they do? They declared all Muslims as OBC overnight in Karnataka and reserved 27 percent of OBCs.

He attacked the Congress and said that the party wants to apply the same formula in the entire country and change the constitution. But he won’t let that happen. He made almost the same complaint in the public meeting in Telangana.

The Prime Minister alleged that those who are ‘not the vote bank’ of the Congress have no value to the party. He said that the Congress has stopped the Ram Navami procession in Hyderabad to appease their ‘vote bank’. According to him, there are 26 castes of Lingayats and Marathis, who want to be included as OBCs. But Congress is not interested in making them OBCs, whereas they are making Muslims OBCs overnight.

The opposition, however, is criticizing the prime minister as usual. Mallikarjun Kharge said at a public meeting in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday, “We are going to get majority and because of this, he Modi is always talking about Mangalsutra and Muslims.”

He also said, we will steal your wealth and give it to those who have more children. Poor people always have more children… Do only Muslims have children? I have five children.

Politics of religion?

Hindutva politics researcher and author Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, however, said that ‘politics of religion’ is not new to the BJP.

According to him, BJP has always done this. They declared the 2021 Assam elections as the Battle of Saraighat, a war fought with the Mughals. But BJP has always called Muslims Mughals, outsiders, intruders.

In the recent speech of the Prime Minister, he also accepted that the issue of religious polarization will intensify. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been doing this same politics ever since he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After becoming the prime minister, he used the word Muslim to refer to it instead of using it.

So there was no change in his politics. Its ferocity has only increased in the last ten days. Don’t rely on hints anymore. If you don’t understand if you point! Commented by Snigdhendu Bhattacharya.

But Bhattacharya also mentions another reason behind using religion as a propaganda tool. According to him, the redistribution of wealth that the Congress is talking about is the equitable redistribution of wealth among all the backward people. There are also minorities among the backward classes of society.

But the opposition has observed that economic inequality in the country is increasing during Modi’s rule. This inequality will increase if Narendra Modi comes to power.

He feels that BJP is using religion to avoid all those questions. He is appalled that the opposition has raised questions of social justice. That is why BJP is entering the field with such intense Muslim hatred, said Snigdhendu Bhattacharya.

On the other hand, political analyst Vishwanath Chakraborty says, like the BJP, other political parties have similarly walked the path of religion politics. Dr. According to Chakraborty, not only Narendra Modi, but other political parties are also playing the politics of religious polarization for their benefit. But the Election Commission has failed to stop this abuse. But it is an independent institution. Why is there no action taken despite the complaint?

Unfortunately, the Election Commission has failed to adhere to its own code of conduct. Not only in the case of Narendra Modi, but also in the case of Mamata Banerjee.

Ahead of Ram Navami, the Chief Minister has repeatedly talked about the possibility of riots in various public meetings. He also alleged that the BJP was planning riots. But despite complaining to the Election Commission, no action was taken? The question is his.

As per the code of conduct in force during Lok Sabha elections, no religious symbols can be used during poll campaign and no appeals can be made to vote on the basis of religion, community or caste. Hate speech or slogans against religious or ethnic communities are also prohibited.

Despite this, political leaders have repeatedly been accused of violating the policy. Dr. Chakraborty said that the Election Commission has announced the standard code of conduct. But they could not save it themselves. This is the main point.

BJP’s 400 pass?

Meanwhile, the opposition has commented that the BJP has panicked knowing that the election results will not be as expected. Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav said, BJP knows they will lose, so they are making these comments.

When asked about this, Professor Chakraborty said, if the BJP could have held elections during the inauguration of the Ram temple, it would have been a good result. But now resistance is increasing at the regional level. As Lok Sabha managed to float the issue of crossing 400 seats, it is becoming difficult to stand on the ground of reality.

The numbers are getting tougher in several states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir. Looking at this whole picture, it can be said that the competition has become quite tough for BJP.

Snigdhendu Bhattacharya also said the same thing. According to him, the BJP itself is no longer talking about the 400 seats of the NDA alliance. That’s because the news coming from different quarters about the election trends, it doesn’t seem possible to get 303 seats as before. They are also getting this indication.

He said that many states know that the result will not be like last time. They are not sure where the seats will increase. Due to this uncertainty, they want to go on the path of religious polarization. So that they can be sure that the vote is on religious issues and not on economic issues.

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