Modi’s ‘cold’ meeting with Trudeau in Khalistani issue!

Last Updated on June 16, 2024 10:07 am

Russia-Ukraine war on one side, Israel-Hamas conflict on the other In this atmosphere, various world leaders left for Italy on Thursday to attend the 50th G-7 Summit. The re-elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attended the G-7 summit this year.

Attending the conference, Modi exchanged courtesy hugs with US President Joe Biden, on the other hand, he was seen holding hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not only that, he has held important meetings with various state leaders on the sidelines of the conference in order to strengthen India’s bilateral relations with powerful countries on the international stage in the third term.

India-Canada bilateral relations practically hit rock bottom last year after the murder of separatist Khalistani leader Nijjar. Although Prime Minister Trudeau came to the G-20 conference organized in Delhi in response to India’s invitation, there was no meeting between the leaders of the two countries. But this time Modi is seen talking to Trudeau at this international conference. They held hands and exchanged courtesies. Prime Minister of Canada congratulated Modi for winning this year’s Lok Sabha elections.

But he ‘punched’ India in the greeting message. Raised the issue of human rights. In response to which Modi also responded by thanking him. He reminded that it is important to maintain mutual respect when working together.

However, both of them gave a message to improve the relations between the two countries and work together in the coming days.

Incidentally, the conflict between India and Canada has been going on for a long time over the Khalistani issue. The conflict has escalated since September last year. At the time, the Canadian Prime Minister hinted that Indian agents might be involved in the killing of Khalistani militant Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Trudeau made the comment before the vote in his country without providing any evidence. India has dismissed the allegations from the beginning. Rather, New Delhi has made it clear that it is supporting pro-Khalistani in Canada for its own political interests.

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