NATO warned China

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 8:45 am

China will suffer the consequences if it does not change its stance of supporting Russia in the Ukraine war. Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of the US-led military alliance NATO, gave such a warning message to China. He said this in an interview given to BBC.

The NATO chief noted that China wants to take advantage of both sides. He said, on the one hand, Russia is supporting the war, on the other hand, China is trying to maintain relations with European allies.

He said it would not work in the long run.

The BBC spoke to him during a visit to Washington. In the lengthy interview, the NATO chief also spoke about nuclear weapons and defense spending.

On the other hand, a peace conference ended a day earlier in Switzerland, where many countries pledged to support Kiev. But Russia has branded the summit a ‘waste of time’, saying it will only agree to peace talks if Ukraine surrenders.

NATO Secretary General’s comments came amid Russia’s inflexible stance on the Ukraine war.

Asked what NATO countries could do about China’s support for Russia, Stoltenberg said there was an “ongoing discussion” about the possibility of sanctions.

He said, China is providing many technologies. This includes technologies such as the micro-electronics with which Russia is developing missiles to attack Ukraine.

Besides, the NATO chief said, if China does not change its behavior, we will have to consider some economic measures.

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