New leadership in UK and Iran, what Erdogan thinks about relations

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 9:35 am

The United Kingdom and Iran have recently received new leadership through elections. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that even if the two countries get new heads of government, there will be no impact on the old relationship.

The Turkish president said this to reporters on the plane on his way back from Germany on Sunday.

At this time, he also criticized Israeli actions and talked about the development of Turkey’s relations with neighboring Syria.

Asked about the improvement of Turkey’s relations with neighboring Syria, Erdogan hinted at thawing relations with Assad. He emphasized the desire to mend bitter relations with Syria and said, “The moment Bashar al-Assad takes steps to improve relations with Turkey, we will reward those steps.”

At this time, the Turkish leader also said, “We will invite Assad.” We want to return Turkish-Syrian relations to the past (friendly).’

Regarding relations with Iran, another neighbor, Erdogan highlighted the importance of historical and cultural heritage between the two countries. He said, ‘Iran is an important neighboring country, with which we have historical and cultural relations. I hope that Turkish-Iranian relations will develop positively in the coming days.

Erdogan also highlighted the strategic partnership with the UK. He promised to strengthen this relationship. The Turkish leader affirmed, “We will continue to develop relations with one of our allies, the United Kingdom, in every field in the coming days.”

In addition, Erdoğan called for an end to the “inhumane” attack on Gaza, again criticizing Israeli actions. The Turkish president said, Israel should stop this genocide and inhumane attacks.

Erdoğan claimed at the time, “Until today, Israel has been insisting on continuous attacks and genocide.” Israel continues to trample on human rights and international law.

At this time, the Turkish leader expressed concern about Israel’s regional ambitions and said, “They (Israeli leaders) threaten to take Lebanon under their control.” But Israel must abandon its desire to spread conflict in the region.’

Source: Anadolu Agency

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