Not just Gaza-Ukraine, the war is in your pocket: Nobel laureate Maria

Last Updated on June 2, 2024 2:28 pm

Terrible wars are going on in Palestine, Gaza, Sudan and Ukraine. They are facing various adversities in this war. It has also affected the global economy. Taking this war as an example, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa commented that the war is going on ‘in people’s pockets’. He is a journalist and co-founder of Rappler, a Philippine online news media.

This Nobel laureate gave a speech at the convocation of Harvard University in the United States on May 23. He gave some advice to the students from his own experience in the context of today’s world. At that time, he said, the war is happening only in Gaza, Sudan and Ukraine. The war is in your pocket.

He advised the students to be humble, to have faith.

He said, we have to restore our faith in humanity. And that can start with empathy.

Maria Ressa said, I like a South African word very much. ubuntu That is, I exist because we exist. It means more than trusting others. More than stepping in other people’s shoes. But to get real Ubuntu we have to lower our shields. Here’s my advice: Be humble.

He said, after many achievements, you have reached today’s place. To be unthinkable is to show weakness. But in all relationships, in all discussions, to move forward, to get something, someone has to lower his shield. Ego, defensiveness has to be put aside. Then others followed. You are not that degraded person. Because, when you bow down, you can build a strong bond. Can gain confidence.

In 2021, this Nobel Peace Prize winner said, time is of the essence. What you do matters too. Don’t think the war is only in Gaza, Sudan and Ukraine. The war is in your pocket. We are all fighting for truth, for purity. Remember, the future ruler can ‘zoom in’ on you too, you too can be a target.

He said, no matter how big a superstar you are, as long as you are alone, you will achieve little. We need to come together today to find what can unite us. This burning world needs you today.

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