Photos of the brutal treatment of Palestinian children by Israeli forces have come to light

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 11:47 am

The Israeli military (IDF) is committing all kinds of crimes in the name of operations against Hamas in Gaza, Palestine. This time, Netanyahu’s forces forced children to undress in the southern Gaza city of al-Qarara.

According to a report, the journalist of the news agency Anadolu Agency photographed the children standing in the sun with their clothes off.

Israeli forces entered the city in the early hours of Wednesday (June 5) under heavy bombardment. Then several houses were attacked. At this time children are forced to take off their clothes. Later several people including women were arrested and taken away.

However, until the time of publication of this report, no comment was received from Israel in this regard.

Netanyahu’s forces began attacking Gaza on October 7 last year after an unprecedented attack by Hamas in Israel. Despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, they continue to bombard.

According to Gaza’s health authorities, more than 36,500 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks. Most of them are women and children. Besides, more than 83 thousand were injured. Many of them are in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Gaza’s food, clean water and medicine shortages have intensified. Many bodies are buried under the rubble.

Israel is not stopping despite such horrors. Israel has recently been indicted for genocide at the International Court of Justice. In a ruling, the court ordered Tel Aviv to immediately stop attacks on the southern city of Rafah. But the occupiers are not paying attention to this either.

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