645 Israeli soldiers killed in operation in Gaza

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 11:45 am

645 soldiers of the Israeli military have been killed in the war that has been going on for almost 8 months in the Gaza Strip. The latest news is that a 39-year-old soldier was killed. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said this in a statement.

According to a report by the Times of Israel, a staff sergeant of Battalion 5030 of the Alon Brigade was killed in a drone attack by Hezbollah in Harfeish city in the northern part of Israel. It was also reported that one more soldier was injured in the attack.

645 Israeli soldiers have been killed since October 7. The Palestinian independence organization Hamas launched a sudden attack on Israel on October 7. Israel then launched a counter-attack on Gaza. So far, more than 36 thousand people have been killed by Israeli forces.

According to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, 36,586 Palestinians have been killed so far in the Hamas-Israeli conflict. In addition, 83 thousand 74 people were injured. The conflict in Gaza shows no signs of abating. If the conflict continues like this, hundreds of thousands more innocent Palestinian lives will be lost.

Meanwhile, at least 27 people were killed in an attack on displaced people sheltering in a school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Besides, several others were injured. The government media office confirmed this information.

Palestinian independence group Hamas says a permanent end to the war in Gaza and the withdrawal of Israeli troops are necessary to agree to its cease-fire proposal. But Israel’s defense chief said the attacks would not stop during ceasefire talks.

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