Prime Minister Hasina Encourages Women to Work Equally for Bangladesh’s Progress on International Women’s Day

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 8:24 am

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged women to contribute to the development of Bangladesh alongside their male counterparts, emphasizing the importance of their equal participation in building the country’s future. She made these remarks during a discussion and Joyeeta Award-giving ceremony organized by the Women and Children Affairs Ministry at Osmani Memorial Auditorium to commemorate International Women’s Day-2024.

In her address, Prime Minister Hasina highlighted the pivotal role women play in society, stating, “If women, who account for half of the society, don’t come forward and work, then that society can never develop, and it cannot be a pioneer.” She stressed the collaborative effort of both men and women, underscoring that Bangladesh can progress economically when women actively contribute to the nation’s growth.

The premier acknowledged the importance of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s efforts in ensuring constitutional rights for women. She reiterated that the Bangladesh Awami League, her political party, is the only party in the country that explicitly mentions equal rights for men and women in its charter and election manifesto.

Prime Minister Hasina expressed her optimism on International Women’s Day, stating her belief that the women of Bangladesh would never be left behind. She emphasized the need for women to come forward and take advantage of the opportunities created by the government. Citing a statistic indicating a 43% participation rate of women in labor, she highlighted the extra work women often do at home after returning from the office, emphasizing the need to recognize and appreciate these contributions.

During the event, Prime Minister Hasina presented the “Best Joyeeta Award-2023” to five exceptional women who have excelled in different fields despite facing challenges. The awardees were recognized for their outstanding achievements in economic success, education and employment, successful motherhood, repression prevention, and social development.

State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Simeen Hussain (Rimi) chaired the ceremony, and Women and Children Affairs Secretary Nazma Mobarek delivered the welcome speech. Awardee Kallyani Minji shared her feelings on behalf of the Joyeeta Awardees, emphasizing the symbolic significance of “Joyeeta” as a woman who overcomes obstacles to achieve success.

International Women’s Day in Bangladesh was marked not only as a celebration of women’s achievements but also as a call for continued collaboration and empowerment to ensure equal opportunities for all.

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