Prime Minister of NATO member country Hungary visits China

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 10:19 am

Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, a NATO member European country, arrived in China on a state visit. His visit to Beijing is significant after his visits to Kiev and Moscow.

Orban made a post on Monday morning (July 8) after landing at Beijing airport. There he wrote, he is visiting China for the ‘Third Peace Mission’ or peace talks.

Orbán first visited Kiev and then Moscow. He was received at the airport by Hua Chunying, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. He is scheduled to meet with Xi Jinping on Monday.

There they can discuss several issues. However, the Ukraine war is expected to dominate.

Relations between Russia and China improved after Moscow’s raid on Kiev. There is a strategic alliance between the two countries.

Although Beijing has taken a neutral position on the Ukraine war on the world stage, China has supported Russia economically.

Among the European countries, Hungary is the closest to Russia. Last Friday, Orban met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. There they had a long discussion about the war in Ukraine. He then arrived in China on Monday morning.

Hungary won the presidency of the European Union in July. Each country gets this position in turn. Orbán visited Kiev and Moscow after receiving the presidency. However, his visit to Moscow and then China did not go down well with the EU. The EU has also publicly informed the matter.

Source: Reuters

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