Putin’s stern warning to South Korea

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 9:17 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned South Korea against giving lethal weapons to Ukraine in the ongoing war. With a stern warning, he said it would be a “big mistake” if Seoul were to arm Kiev in the fight against Russia.

A Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement was recently signed between Russia and North Korea. The agreement calls for mutual cooperation in the event of aggression by either party. In response, Seoul is talking about the possibility of arming Kiev. In response, Putin warned Seoul.

Putin spoke to reporters in Vietnam on Thursday, a day after signing a defense pact with the country’s leader Kim Jong-un during a visit to North Korea.

The Russian president said that if Seoul decides to supply weapons to Kiev, Moscow will make a decision that will not please the current leadership of South Korea.

At the time, Putin warned that if the United States and allied countries continue to provide arms to Ukraine, then Moscow will also provide arms to Pyongyang.

He said that Moscow will take this step mainly as a revenge for the supply of western weapons to Ukraine.

The Russian president warned and said, “To those who are thinking of supplying weapons to Kiev and those who think that they are not involved in war with Russia, I say that Russia has the right to supply and store weapons in other parts of the world, including Pyongyang.”

Earlier, South Korea condemned the agreement between Pyongyang and Moscow as a threat to national security. Chang Ho-jin, the country’s national security adviser, said his country is now reconsidering providing arms support to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, after Putin’s warning, South Korea’s presidential office said on Friday that they are considering various ways to supply weapons to Ukraine. Their position depends on how Russia will proceed in this matter.

He even called the Russian ambassador in Seoul, Georgy Zinoviev, to protest the agreement and demanded the cancellation of the agreement as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Western countries are watching the growing relationship between Moscow and Pyongyang with concern. Source: BBC.

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