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A team of Sikh and Christian leaders led by PSGPC President Sardar Amir Singh met (Aug 18) the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Atta Bandial at his Islamabad office and informed him of the societal issues confronting Pakistan’s minority communities across the country. The Sikh leaders briefed the CJP on their collective concerns regarding selective and targeted attacks on Sikh merchants in the provinces of KPK and Punjab, as well as Hindus in Sindh and Christians in Punjab. The CJP was also given records describing attacks on minority community members over the last two years, as well as names of those who, under duress, sold their houses and migrated to other countries, mainly India. Plan of another 20-22 Sikh families from Peshawar, awaiting their Indian visas for permanent residency, was also briefed to the Pak CJ.


The group also discussed the rise in violence against Christians and Hindus, as well as their places of worship, fueled by fake and fraudulent blasphemy accusations. According to the CJP, non-Muslim populations are equal citizens of Pakistan and should have equal rights. The CJP stated that he would speak with the relevant authorities to complete proper investigations before taking action in instances, particularly on blasphemy charges involving minority communities, and that fleeing or relocating to another country is not a solution. Leaders from all communities should unite to combat the threat of interfaith conflict.

Samuel Piyara Masihi, pastor Islamabad Chruch, Bishan Singh, Amrik Singh (Lahore), Dharam Singh, Kaka Singh (Shri Nankana Sahib), Gurcharan Singh (Panja Sahib), Baba Makkhan Singh, Baba Gurpal Singh and Sahab Singh (Peshawar) were part of the delegation. Sardar Amir Singh presented the CJP with a shawl and a sword, while the latter presented the delegation with a shield of Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

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