Strong storm hits Philippines, 7 dead

Last Updated on May 28, 2024 4:19 pm

At least seven people have been killed as powerful tropical storm Yuena battered the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines, local authorities said.

On Tuesday (May 28), the country’s President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that search and rescue operations are still underway.

Yuena’s impact brought storms and heavy rains to states south of the capital Manila. Several airports and seaports have been temporarily closed due to the storm. Power supply has also been disrupted.

The storm is moving towards the east coast of neighboring Japan on Tuesday. At this time, its wind speed is 130 km per hour, but sometimes it rises up to 160 km per hour.

A 14-year-old girl was killed when a tree fell on a parked car during a storm in Misamis Oriental province, according to a report by the National Disaster Management Agency. Another student in the car was injured.

Six deaths were reported in Quezon province, north of the capital. Among them, two men drowned in water and one man died after being buried under a fallen tree, police said.

About 27,000 people were affected by the storm, Marcos Jr. said before leaving for Brunei. Normal operations of three airports and nine seaports were also disrupted.

Yuena is the first tropical storm to hit the Philippines this year. An average of 20 storms hit the country annually. Storms are also accompanied by heavy rains, strong winds and landslides.

Source: Reuters

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