That is why Putin is going to North Korea-Vietnam

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 9:29 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting North Korea and Vietnam, two Asian countries that are almost isolated from the international arena. If everything goes well, this visit can be done next week.

The Russian ambassador to North Korea told the Russian daily Vedomosti that Putin will visit North Korea first, and then leave for Vietnam from there. The Russian ambassador also said that Pyongyang is making strong preparations to welcome Putin.

A Vietnamese government official told Reuters that Putin’s visit to Hanoi is certain and that Vietnam is expected to sign cooperation agreements in various fields, including energy, education, the use of their respective currencies in trade between the two countries, and the military.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Moscow in September last year. At the time, Kim visited Russia’s eastern satellite launch center, the Vastoshniy Cosmodrome, and Putin promised him that Moscow would help North Korea build satellites.

According to Vodomosti’s report, there has been a labor shortage in various sectors of the economy, including the construction sector, for the past several months. The visit is expected to include talks between Kim and Putin regarding the recruitment of workers from North Korea.

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