There is no Muslim in Modi’s cabinet

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 9:31 am

This is the first time in the history of India that no Muslim member has been sworn in as a minister immediately after the formation of the government. Simply put, there is no Muslim member in the central government of India led by Narendra Modi. This information is known from the report of the Indian media Times of India.

Modi’s previous cabinet had a Muslim minister named Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. After he was elected to the Rajya Sabha, Modi’s second cabinet also did not have a Muslim minister. This time too, the continuity of Modi’s previous government was maintained.

After almost every national election held in India, a Muslim Lok Sabha member has been inducted into the Indian cabinet every time. This is probably the first exception.

Earlier, Najma Heptullah was sworn in as a Muslim member and became Minister for Minority Affairs in 2021 when Modi became Prime Minister for the first time. In 2019, Naqvi became the Minority Affairs Minister in Modi’s second term.

Out of the 24 Muslim MPs elected in this year’s Lok Sabha elections, 21 are from the India Alliance. Of the rest, two are from Asaduddin Waisi’s All India Majlish-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen and two are independent.

Earlier, the 2004 and 2009 Cabinets had four and five Muslim members respectively. Even the cabinet of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 1999 had two Muslims. They are Shahnawaz Hussain and Omar Abdullah. Before that, Naqvi was also the Minister of State in the Vajpayee-led cabinet in 1998.

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