That is why the resignation of the Israeli judge of the ICJ panel

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 11:42 am

Israeli judge Aharon Barak of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) panel has resigned. He was serving as an ad hoc judge of the International Court of Justice on charges of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

He submitted his resignation on June 4. The 87-year-old Barak cited personal and family reasons as the reason for his resignation. It is not yet known who Israel will appoint to his vacant seat. However, the concerned country can also appoint someone from another country to that position if it wishes.

According to Hague ICJ rules, if a country does not have a judge on the ICJ panel of judges, that country can nominate one on its behalf.

Barak was the former president of the Supreme Court of Israel. He thanked the court staff and other judges for their cooperation during the discharge of his duties.

Israeli officials, meanwhile, have said that as long as the court remains ‘realistic’, its judges will be appointed. They said, so far, the court orders have not harmed the Israeli forces in achieving their war goals.

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