The spices of two Indian companies are now banned in Malaysia

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 1:43 pm

Malaysia has imposed a ban on the import, sale and use of Indian companies MDH and Everest’s Phis curry spices after high levels of ethylene oxide were detected. Earlier, Hong Kong, Singapore and Nepal also banned the spices of these two Indian companies.

A statement from Malaysia’s Ministry of Health said on Tuesday (May 28) that the company has been ordered to withdraw all fancy curry spices from the market due to their carcinogenic nature.

According to the ministry, only one import of the Everest fish curry spice brand was found by reviewing information through Malaysia’s Food Safety Information System (FOSIM) until last April.

Currently, the ministry is monitoring aflatoxin, heavy metals and pesticide residues at all points of entry into the country. Monitoring from 2019 to last April showed that 43 samples met legal food safety requirements.

The statement also said that the country’s health ministry is alert and concerned about anything that could endanger consumer safety.

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