Thousands of Israelis are fleeing to Canada

Last Updated on June 30, 2024 9:08 am

Thousands of Israeli settlers are seeking Canadian visas to flee the occupied Palestinian territories due to the ongoing war in Gaza.

According to the Israeli news outlet Walla, tens of thousands of Israelis have sought to use so-called ‘humanitarian visas’ since Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa. And Canada gives that visa to Israelis living in the occupied Palestinian territories.

According to Waller’s report, a large group of Israelis have already submitted their requests to the Canadian government and the Israeli cabinet.

Meanwhile, The Times of Israel recently reported in a report that since October 7, nearly 550,000 Israeli residents have left the occupied Palestinian territories.

According to the Palestinian Authority for Population and Migration, more than 500,000 Israelis left the occupied territories and never returned in the first six months of the Israeli occupation of Gaza.

Earlier, the Israeli media “De Marker” reported that thousands of Jews are fleeing Israel to Greece after Hamas’ Al-Aqsa storm began, and the number of permanent residents has increased.

In addition, a report by the Iranian news agency Tasnim said that thousands of Israeli families have now chosen Greece as their temporary or permanent refuge. And because of this large number of Israelis immigrating to Greece, the demand for buying apartments there has greatly increased. As the supply of housing is less than the demand, rents have also increased.

And this time, the Israeli news outlet said that thousands of Israelis are about to flee to Canada.

Source: IRNA

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