Trump Launches Covert CIA Operation to Counter Chinese Influence

Last Updated on March 14, 2024 1:40 pm

In a move reminiscent of Cold War-era tactics, former President Donald Trump authorized a secretive CIA campaign aimed at countering China’s growing global influence. Sources familiar with the highly classified operation revealed to Reuters that the CIA orchestrated a clandestine effort to sway public opinion within China, employing a team of operatives to disseminate negative narratives about the Chinese government.

Operatives, operating under false identities, purportedly utilized social media platforms to cast doubt on the integrity of China’s ruling Communist Party and criticize initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative. The campaign, which commenced in 2019, sought to exploit vulnerabilities within China’s tightly controlled internet environment.

While specifics of the operation remain shrouded in secrecy, former US officials assert that the dissemination of disparaging information was grounded in factual intelligence. The objective was to instill paranoia among Chinese leadership, diverting resources towards combating perceived threats, according to insiders.

Although the CIA has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the program, its purported initiation underscores escalating tensions between the US and China. Trump’s administration, known for its hawkish stance towards Beijing, viewed the covert operation as a necessary response to China’s aggressive expansionism on the global stage.

However, critics warn of potential repercussions. The covert nature of the campaign raises concerns about its efficacy and the potential for unintended consequences. China, quick to condemn the alleged operation, accuses the US of weaponizing information to manipulate international opinion.

Moreover, there are fears that such covert maneuvers could endanger dissenting voices within China and undermine efforts for constructive dialogue between nations. As the geopolitical rivalry between the US and China intensifies, the world watches closely, wary of the escalating tactics employed in this new era of great power competition.

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