Türkiye wants to go to a new alliance outside the Western circle

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 9:41 am

Türkiye, one of the most powerful countries in the Muslim world, is a member of the US-led military alliance NATO. Again the country imports arms from Russia. Turkey has a bitter relationship with the United States. Now it is heard that Türkiye wants to join BRICS.

Although a member of NATO, the country took strategic steps to join BRICS earlier this year. Three Turkish officials confirmed the information to the media Middle East Eye.

A few countries have formed an economic alliance to basically speak out against the United States. This alliance is known as BRICS, which seeks to challenge the Group of Seven (G-7), an alliance of the world’s richest countries, including the United States. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have been aggressively seeking to increase the size of the coalition in world governance for several years.

If Türkiye becomes a member of BRICS, they will be the first country to join NATO. The BRICS summit is being held in Russia on Monday and Tuesday.

The Kremlin said Turkey’s interests will be discussed at the conference. However, they caution that not everyone who applies will be granted membership. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan is scheduled to attend the conference.

Last August, BRICS announced plans to double its membership. As part of this, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and the United Arab Emirates were invited to join BRICS.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has previously expressed interest in joining BRICS. However, no formal discussion has taken place till this time. However, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs started looking into the possibility of increasing the BRICS membership.

Türkiye’s desire to join an economic forum led by China and Russia has created uneasiness among European countries. Another Turkish official said that Turkey’s interest in joining BRICS is that it would not be bound by any political or economic commitments. According to him, Türkiye does not see BRICS as an alternative to NATO or the EU. However, with the EU application pending, Ankara has become interested in other economic platforms.

In fact, many are Turkey’s “ally” on paper. But these so-called allies do not think much of Ankara’s security concerns, and therefore do not want to provide the country with sophisticated weapons. Therefore, Türkiye does not want to miss out on any alliance that has the slightest chance of profit.

The influence of BRICS in the political sphere is still very little. But Turkey believes BRICS could become a more influential group in the future.

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