What Jaishankar said about Modi’s thoughts on China-Pakistan

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 9:18 am

S Jaishankar has started work as the foreign minister in Narendra Modi’s third cabinet in India from today. On the first day, he made positive comments about India’s two neighboring countries, China and Pakistan. Besides, he also reminded how much India is progressing in the world under the leadership of Modi.

On Tuesday, Jaishankar also claimed that foreign policy has reached a different level under Modi.

Jaishankar took oath as minister on Sunday (June 9). He is a Rajya Sabha MP of BJP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with the new ministers at his residence on Monday afternoon. After that the ministries were distributed. It can be seen that Jaishankar has been assigned the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, just like last time.

Jaishankar came to the office on Tuesday the next day after taking charge and took charge. After that, in an interview given to news agency ANI, Jaishankar highlighted Modi’s thoughts on several issues.

Apart from improving relations with Pakistan and China, he also talked about future plans with a permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar said, I am fully optimistic, the foreign policy will be more successful under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi in the coming days. India’s influence in the world is constantly increasing. It is not only our perception but other countries also consider India as their real friend.

They have seen how India chaired the G-20 summit. Our responsibilities are increasing. Jaishankar also expressed the hope that India will soon get permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

After this, Jaishankar also spoke about the India-China border dispute. He said that being elected three times in a row is a big deal in any democratic country. The world understands the political stability that exists in India.

Jaishankar also said there are concerns about China and Pakistan. But the relations with the two countries are different and the problems are also different. Regarding China, of course we will focus on resolving the border issue.

Talking about Pakistan, Jaishankar reminded about cross-border terrorism. He said, we have a long-standing cross-border terrorism problem with Pakistan. So we have to find a way to solve that problem.

Our aim is to maintain peace on the border. Bilateral relations between India and Pakistan have been cold for a long time. Even though new governments came in the two countries this year, the coldness did not end. However, Jaishankar is expected to melt the ice in the coming days.

Source: NDTV, Anandabazar

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