What Modi said in the first session of Parliament

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 8:46 am

India’s first parliamentary session after this year’s general elections is sitting today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was sworn in for the third term, addressed the media before the start of the Parliament session.

On the main opposition Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that June 25 will mark the 50th anniversary of Emergency. He called it a ‘black spot’ on the country’s democracy.

Starting his third term after an election that denied the BJP a clear majority, Modi assured the people that the government would work three times harder and deliver three times the results in its third term.

He said, this election was significant. Because this is the second government after independence, which has been elected for a third consecutive term.

He told the media that this opportunity has come after 60 years. When people elect a government for a third term, it is a stamp on its purpose, principles and dedication. I thank the people for this.

Referring to the emergency imposed by the then Indira Gandhi government, he said, ‘Tomorrow will complete 50 years of the black mark of Indian democracy. The new generation will not forget how the Indian constitution was abrogated, how the country was turned into a prison and democracy was imprisoned. On this 50th anniversary — the country will vow that this will never happen again.’

The Prime Minister said the government would consistently try to take everyone along to serve the country and the people, but added a stern message for the opposition. “India needs a responsible opposition party, people don’t want slogans, they want debate, not drama and chaos in Parliament, they want hard work. I hope the opposition party will fulfill the expectations of the people.

He said that there is a lot of expectation from MPs of the country and urged to take all possible steps for public welfare. The Prime Minister congratulated the newly elected parliamentarians and mentioned that this is the first time the new parliamentarians will take oath in the new parliament building.

Source: NDTV

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