Who is getting new Saudi citizenship?

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 9:57 am

Saudi Arabia is a rich and large country in the Middle East. Many expressed interest in taking citizenship of the country. Some for living and some for business. Bangladeshi Muktar Alim, the calligrapher of the Holy Kaaba Ghilaf, was granted citizenship by the Saudi government in 2021. After that no one else got this citizenship from Bangladesh.

Since the assumption of power by the Prime Minister of the country, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, there have been many changes in the internal rules. Since the announcement of a new plan called Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has gradually reduced its dependence on the petro-dollar and is now opening the doors to foreigners, including western-style citizenship.

On Thursday (July 4), several scientists, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs and people from various professions have been granted citizenship in the country. Such initiative is believed to attract creative people from different countries of the world.

The decree on granting citizenship is issued as part of the Saudi Royal Decree.However, the exact number of people who have been given this citizenship has not been disclosed so far.

Those granted citizenship include people from the US, UK, France and Singapore.

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