Netanyahu does not want a ceasefire in Gaza

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 9:55 am

Hamas brokered a ceasefire with US President Joe Biden brokered by Qatar and Egypt to enforce Israel’s cease-fire in Gaza. But it is still not effective. In the meantime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked for permission to start a war in Gaza again until their goals are met.

On Sunday, Netanyahu expressed optimism about the cease-fire agreement, saying that talks will resume on the US plan to end the nine-month-old war. It aims to bring about a permanent end to the war and free about 120 Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

A Hamas source told Reuters on Israel’s cease-fire pledge that Israel had verbally pledged a permanent cease-fire before signing the cease-fire agreement. And now after 6 weeks of that discussion they are saying they will allow war again.

Netanyahu has made new demands to enforce the ceasefire, which includes, until Israel’s war goals are met, not to be prevented from resuming the war. The military and governance of Hamas must be destroyed, as well as the return of the hostages. The Gaza-Egypt border must prohibit any arms smuggling to Hamas. Also, they will not allow thousands of armed militants to return to northern Gaza.

In this regard, Netanyahu said, “President Biden has welcomed the plan that Israel has agreed to.” And if that is the case, Israel will allow the return of the hostages without violating the other objectives of the war.’

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