1 killed in Singapore-bound plane hit by severe storm in mid-air

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 8:27 am

One passenger was killed and 30 others were injured when a Singapore Airlines plane flipped mid-air due to strong winds. The incident happened while the plane was coming from London to Singapore.

On Tuesday (May 21), Singapore Airlines announced the casualty in a statement.

In a post on social media Facebook, Singapore Airlines said, “We are confirming the death of one passenger and injuries to others on the Boeing 777-300 ER flight.” There were a total of 211 passengers and 18 crew on the Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore.

Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 departed for Singapore at 10:38 a.m. local time from Heathrow Airport in London. Later it fell under the strong wind. After this incident, the pilot of the Singapore Airlines flight changed the course of the flight to Bangkok on Tuesday.

Singapore Airlines said the flight, which left Heathrow Airport, made an emergency landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand at 4:30pm local time.

“Our top priority is to provide all possible assistance to all passengers and crew on board the aircraft. We are working with local authorities in Thailand to provide the necessary medical assistance and are sending a team to Bangkok for additional assistance.’

However, the Singapore Airlines authority did not provide detailed information about the nationality of the passenger who died. No information was given whether he was an ordinary passenger or a crew member.

Source: BBC

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