11 people died in floods in India

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:22 am

Heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in northern and northeastern India, causing flash floods and landslides, killing at least 11 people. Along with that millions of people are affected. Officials of Uttar Pradesh and Assam, two states affected by natural disasters in the country, said this.

Many areas of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, have been experiencing heavy rains for the past few days. At least nine people have died in a day in various rain-related incidents here, according to a government bulletin.

Assam State Disaster Management Authority said in a statement that this is the second time since June 16 that floods have hit here, affecting more than 6 lakh people in 19 districts and displacing more than 8,000 people. At least two people died in the state on Monday.

Local resident Faizul Islam told news agency ANI, “Flood water has now entered my house. My paddy and other crops were drowned in the water. I was forced to take shelter here with five family members. If the situation worsens, I will lose my house too.”

ANI video footage showed submerged crop fields and roads. People are trying to remove furniture and other valuables from their submerged houses.

The flood situation is rapidly deteriorating in the neighboring northeastern part of Bangladesh as a result of continuous rains and water coming down from India. It is feared that the situation may further deteriorate in the northeastern part of India and Bangladesh.

Schools in Itanagar, the capital of Assam’s neighboring state of Arunachal Pradesh, have been closed due to incessant rains, local officials said.

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted more rain in the region for the next three days. They have issued a warning of heavy to very heavy rainfall in the western, northern and northeastern states of the country for the rest of the week.

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