Who is this Bhole Baba, whose ceremony killed 116 in the stampede?

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:25 am

At least 116 people have died in a stampede at a religious event in India’s Uttar Pradesh. Most of the victims were women. There are also children.

These people who tragically lost their lives on Tuesday (July 2) had gone to the ceremony of an alleged religious guru called Bhole Baba. This Bhol is also known as Baba Narayan Sarkar Hari. News from NDTV.

According to reports, Bhole Baba often claimed to his fans that he worked in the intelligence department. He also told fans that he turned to spirituality while working as an intelligence officer and retired from the service in 1990.

According to the report, Bhole Baba was born in Bahadur Nagri village of Uttar Pradesh’s Itah division and received his primary education there. He claimed to have crossed the college barrier and started working in the intelligence department.

One of the distinguishing features of Bhole Baba is that he does not wear saffron colored robes like other religious leaders in India. Instead wear a white suit and tie. Apart from this, Kurta-Pyjama is on his list of favourites.

According to the devotees, the cleric says that he keeps none of the money they give him for himself. Instead, he spends all his money on fans.

Narayan Hari calls himself a disciple of Hari and has a good number of devotees in the western parts of Uttar Pradesh.

In this regard, Hindustan Times reported that the weather where the program was organized was extremely hot and humid. Meanwhile, the ceremony was held in a temporary tent. The people inside that tent were in a suffocating situation. After the ceremony was over, many people were trampled to death when they rushed out.

Modern religious figures have social media accounts, YouTube channels. But ‘Bhole Baba’ stays away from these. No official account. His followers claim that he works with the common people at the grass root level. As a result, it has an impact on a large number of people.

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