1301 pilgrims died in severe heat wave this year

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 11:46 am

At least 1,301 pilgrims have died during Hajj this year due to heat wave and unbearable heat. Most of these people who died were unauthorized pilgrims.

This year’s Hajj has been held amid intense heatwaves, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 50 degrees Celsius in the Middle Eastern country.

Three-quarters of those who died had no official permission to stay there, Saudi state news agency SPA said. Because of that they did not get enough facilities for Hajj. In the intense heat, many could not take shelter in tents and had to stay in direct sunlight and walk for long periods of time.

Some of those who died were elderly or people who had been ill for a long time. Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalazel said efforts are continuing to raise awareness of how dangerous extreme heat waves are and how pilgrims can stay safe.

Fahad Al-Jalazal also said that about five lakh pilgrims have been treated in different hospitals. Of these, more than 140,000 pilgrims are unauthorized. Some are still in hospital suffering from heat exhaustion.

He said, May Allah have mercy on the victims and forgive them. My sincere condolences to their families.

Saudi Arabia has been criticized around the world for not taking enough steps to make the Hajj ritual more secure.

According to the country’s National Meteorological Center, the temperature in the holy city of Mecca has risen to 51.8 degrees Celsius. Countries around the world are giving updates on the death toll of their citizens. However, Saudi Arabia had not publicly commented on the death toll or released any official figures until Sunday.

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