200 Junta soldiers killed in clash with Arakan Army on Bangladesh border

Last Updated on June 16, 2024 9:41 am

The Arakan Army, a pro-independence rebel group, has been clashing heavily with the junta forces in Maungdoo, Rakhine State, Myanmar, near the border with Bangladesh. They have captured 10 more junta camps in Mangdu in less than two weeks. Around 200 Junta soldiers including a strategic commander were killed. News – Myanmar media Irrawaddy.

Ethnic forces there said the junta had targeted military camps and border police camps south of the township after seizing northern Maungdu last month. After capturing the town of Buthidang, they launched a large-scale attack on the city of Maungdu in late May. Both towns are located in northeastern Rakhine state near the border with Bangladesh. The area is mainly home to Rohingyas.

The Arakan Army said on Friday it had captured four more junta camps this week, including the Mawaddy Strategic Command Base and Nakhaung Toe Camp. Around 200 junta soldiers were killed during the fighting, including Colonel Taizar, the strategic commander of the junta forces, Mawaddi.

The Arakan Army captured the well-known junta camp Ah Lel Than Kyaw at the entrance to the township after launching an attack on Wednesday night. About 200 junta soldiers and border guards were in the camp before the attack. Many of them are said to have returned to other bases.

The junta’s military used airstrikes and artillery fire to protect the Ah Lel Than Kyaw camp and the Mawaddy strategic command base.

The Arakan Army also said on Friday that it had taken Anak as a prisoner of war. In addition, the junta continued to search for soldiers who fled rather than surrender.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi officials said on Thursday that at least 28 defeated junta troops from Mongdu had fled across the border into Bangladesh.

Last Sunday (June 9) 130 members of the Myanmar army and security forces who fled to Bangladesh have been sent back.

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