400 killed in Israeli raid on al-Shifa hospital

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 3:52 am

More than 400 patients, healthcare workers and Palestinians displaced by the war have been killed in a brutal 13-day operation by occupying Israeli forces at al-Shifa, the largest hospital in the besieged Palestinian Gaza Strip.

The Gaza authorities announced this information in a statement on Sunday (March 31).

Israelis continue to attack hospitals and commit various crimes, the statement said. Al-Shifa, the largest medical center in the region, is home to thousands of patients and displaced people.

There, Israeli forces attacked various targets and destroyed 1,500 houses. The statement added that the dead included patients, displaced people and healthcare workers. In addition, the Israeli forces have arrested and tortured hundreds of Palestinians.

Gaza’s media office condemned the international community’s silence on such atrocities.

They condemned the US administration and several other countries for supporting the Israeli government in its bloody military operation in Gaza.

Medical workers in other hospitals in the war-torn Gaza Strip are also battling Israeli brutality. “Doctors and hospital workers are working in deplorable conditions,” said Hossam Abu Safia, director of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabalia, northern Gaza.

On March 18, the armed Israeli forces attacked al-Shifa hospital with tanks and drones.

A deadly operation has been going on in al-Shifa for almost two weeks. Occupying Israeli forces have besieged the hospital and are shooting at those trying to escape. The Israeli military claims that Hamas is using the hospital to attack them. The country said, “Terrorist forces are firing at Israeli troops.”

Gaza’s health ministry said at the start of the operation that about 3,000 Palestinians had taken refuge in hospitals.

As they tried to escape, Israeli snipers and Israeli soldiers fired at them from helicopters.

Meanwhile, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said 26 of its workers had been killed by Israeli forces since the start of the Gaza war. The group said about 15 of its staff were carrying out humanitarian duties and were shot dead despite wearing protective Red Crescent jackets.

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