56 people lost their lives in heatstroke in India

Last Updated on June 4, 2024 9:46 am

56 people died due to heatstroke in severe heat wave in India. They died between last March and May. Besides, about 25 thousand people have been affected.

May is the worst month for northern India in terms of severe heatwaves. During this season, the temperature in the capital Delhi and Rajasthan crossed 50 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, floods with heavy rains have occurred in the northern part of India under the influence of Cyclone Rimal. 14 people have died due to heavy rains in Assam since last Tuesday.

Moreover, 15 people died due to floods and landslides in India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka.

South Asian countries have seen severe heat waves this summer. Experts said that such a situation has arisen due to climate change.

At least 33 polling staff died of heatstroke in one state on the last phase of polling in India’s Lok Sabha elections.

The India Meteorological Department said in a forecast that the intensity of the heatwave may remain a little lower till Wednesday. The southern state of Kerala may get some relief as the monsoon season has already arrived.

Source: Reuters

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