Any threat will be responded to ‘without hesitation’: Kim

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 9:31 am

North Korea’s ongoing relationship with Russia has risen to a ‘new level of friendship’, says Kim Jong Un. He said any threats faced by North Korea or Russia after the signing of the new agreement with Moscow would be answered “without hesitation”.

The North Korean leader told reporters after the bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

However, Kim did not say anything in detail about what the response or response to those threats would actually be.

After the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the journalists first. After that, Kim appeared before the reporters and answered various questions.

Kim also said that according to the new agreement, any “aggression” against both of them (North Korea and Russia) will be dealt with through “mutual assistance”.

The North Korean leader said, “From now on, there will be no difference or hesitation in dealing with or responding to various incidents or wars faced by our two countries in a joint effort.” Our friendship will continue in the future.

Kim also noted that relations between North Korea and Russia have risen to a “new level of friendship”. He said the new agreements signed between the two countries are “entirely peaceful and protective”.

Kim said the new agreements between the two countries would accelerate the world’s “multi-polarization,” where no single hegemon would be able to dominate it.

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