Bhutan Continues to Inspire with Acts of Integrity

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 2:38 pm

In a world sometimes clouded by cynicism, Bhutan stands out as a beacon of honesty and integrity. Recent incidents in the small Himalayan kingdom highlight the exceptional moral compass of its people.

On April 30th, Rinchen Namgay, a lecturer at Lekshey Jungney Shedra in Punakha, along with his mother, Aum Wangmo, stumbled upon a black bag near the Bazam. Inside, they found an astonishing amount of Rs 110,000 along with three Indian passports and personal belongings. Rather than succumb to temptation, they made the noble decision to hand the bag over to the police.

Rinchen Namgay’s family initially spotted the bag during an evening stroll, but it was Aum Wangmo’s keen sense of responsibility that prompted them to investigate further. Recognizing the potential consequences of leaving such valuable items unattended, they took it upon themselves to ensure its safe return.

Their actions reflect a broader trend of honesty within Bhutanese society. Over the past year, the police have reported several instances of lost and found cases, returning over Nu 251,577 in cash and belongings to their rightful owners. Each instance serves as a testament to the unwavering integrity ingrained in Bhutanese culture.

One such example occurred on March 14th, when Kitsho Choki Gyeltshen, a sixth-grade student, discovered Nu 30,200 near the Office of the Consulate General of India in Phuentsholing. Without hesitation, she turned the money over to the authorities, demonstrating maturity and honesty beyond her years.

The ripple effect of these acts of integrity extends beyond the individuals involved. Satish Babu, the grateful owner of the bag recovered by Rinchen Namgay and Aum Wangmo, expressed his appreciation for the honesty and kindness he encountered in Bhutan. His sentiment echoes that of many who have experienced firsthand the remarkable character of the Bhutanese people.

In a world often characterized by selfishness and deceit, Bhutan serves as a shining example of the power of integrity and goodwill. Through their actions, individuals like Rinchen Namgay, Aum Wangmo, and Kitsho Choki Gyeltshen reaffirm the timeless values that unite humanity.

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