“Bulgarian Foreign Minister Extends Gratitude to Indian Navy for Anti-Piracy Success in Arabian Sea”

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 4:01 am

Bulgaria, March 17: In a display of international cooperation and maritime security prowess, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel conveyed heartfelt appreciation to the Indian Navy for its swift and successful intervention in rescuing the hijacked merchant vessel, MV Ruen, and its crew members from the clutches of Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea.

Expressing her gratitude, Gabriel emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in safeguarding lives at sea and combating piracy threats. “I express my gratitude to the Indian navy for the successful operation to rescue the hijacked vessel Ruen & its crew members, including 7 BG nationals. Thank you for support & great effort. We continue to work together to protect lives of the crew,” she stated.

The operation, part of the ongoing anti-piracy mission ‘Operation Sankalp,’ witnessed seamless coordination between the Indian Navy and Air Force. Notably, the Indian Air Force executed a precision airborne drop of two Combat Rubberised Raiding Craft (CRRC) boats, alongside Indian Navy MARCOS, to facilitate the rescue mission.

In a remarkable demonstration of jointness and integration, the IAF C-17 aircraft covered a distance of 2600 km off the Indian coast to provide support to the Indian Navy in neutralizing the piracy threat posed by the hijacked vessel.

The successful mission, led by INS Kolkata, underscored India’s commitment to maritime security and the safety of seafarers traversing the waters of the Arabian Sea. With strategic deployment and calibrated actions, the Indian Navy thwarted the piracy attempt, coercing all 35 pirates to surrender and ensuring the safe evacuation of the 17 crew members from MV Ruen.

Utilizing a spectrum of assets including warships, drones, maritime patrol aircraft, and special forces, the Indian Navy conducted a meticulous rescue operation spanning 40 hours, culminating in the sanitization of the vessel for any illicit cargo.

The collaborative endeavor between India and Bulgaria serves as a testament to the international community’s resolve to combat maritime threats and uphold the principles of maritime safety and security. As nations continue to navigate the challenges of piracy in vital sea lanes, such joint efforts stand as beacons of hope and solidarity in ensuring safe passage across the seas.

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