How China is ‘punishing’ Taiwan

Last Updated on May 24, 2024 6:30 am


China began two days of military exercises around the island nation on Thursday to “severely punish” self-ruled Taiwan for its “separatist behavior”.

The military drills are believed to be China’s message to China’s condemnation of Taiwan’s new president, Lai Ching, after he was sworn in. China called the Taiwan president’s speech an ‘acceptance of responsibility for independence’.

Communist China claims Taiwan as part of its territory and is not backing down from its determination to bring the island under its rule, even if it uses force if necessary. Therefore, as an example of the use of force, Chinese warplanes and military ships are patrolling around Taiwan in this military exercise on Thursday and Friday.

China’s military says the exercise is a test of its armed forces’ ability to fight.

Taiwan, on the other hand, said its armed forces were deployed to “defend independence” immediately after China’s announcement. In a statement, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said it condemned China’s unreasonable provocations and said such actions would undermine regional peace and stability.

“We have deployed our armed forces to respond by sea, land and air to protect the independence, democracy and sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan),” the statement said, referring to Taiwan’s official name.

On Tuesday, China strongly protested and warned against Taiwan’s president’s remarks. In that inaugural address, President Lai Ching hailed Taiwan’s “glorious” new era of democracy.

In response to this speech, China’s top diplomat Wang Yi warned that Taiwanese separatists will go down in history. Earlier, China called Lai Ching a ‘dangerous separatist’ and said he would invite war.

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