Secret agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel!

Last Updated on May 28, 2024 1:47 pm

The current king Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud made his son Mohammed bin Salman the crown prince by a deep conspiracy. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Saudi prince will not hesitate to compromise the interests of others for the sake of power. While Israel is indiscriminately killing its Muslim brothers and sisters hundreds of kilometers away, Saudi Arabia has taken virtually no action other than making a statement to end the conflict.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most influential countries in the Middle East. And for religious reasons, Saudi Arabia has a different importance to the Muslims of the world. But the world sees a different Saudi Arabia after Mohammed bin Salman became the crown prince. In order to consolidate his own power, he suppressed the political opponents with a strong hand, and also showed stupidity in military capabilities.

Biden suspended the sale of aggressive weapons to Riyadh out of concern that Saudi Arabia is using US-made weapons to kill civilians in Yemen. But now it is heard that the United States is lifting the ban. US officials said such a decision could come from Washington in the coming weeks.

Behind the scenes of Saudi Arabia’s purchase of American weapons, another issue is being negotiated, namely Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Israel. Now if the Biden administration lifts the arms embargo, it means that Riyadh has agreed to establish relations with Israel. And if that happens, it will amount to a betrayal of the Palestinian people.

There is pressure from the US to establish relations with Israel. According to Washington’s terms, Tel Aviv and Riyadh are not barring arms sales. The Financial Times reported in a report that lifting the arms embargo would signal an improvement in relations between the Biden administration and Riyadh.

Several senior US officials said this week that Washington and Riyadh are close to striking a number of bilateral agreements. In addition to defense deals, these include things like US support for Saudi’s civilian nuclear program. There is another issue related to these agreements, that is the establishment of Saudi relations with Israel.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman hastily reached out to Riyadh’s friendly government in Yemen 9 years ago to be the defense minister. But there are allegations that Saudi Arabia has killed innocent civilians using US weapons. After that, Biden suspended the sale of aggressive weapons of the United States to Riyadh.

In between, the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi caused a rift in Washington-Riyadh relations. However, the United States has realized that Saudi Arabia has no choice in implementing its policy in the Middle East. Again, there is an additional pressure to meet the obligations of the ally Israel to increase friends in the Muslim world. All in all, Washington wants to forget the bitterness of three years and move forward.

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