Israel-Hamas cease-fire resolution proposed by the United States passed in the United Nations

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 9:43 am

The United Nations Security Council has passed the Palestinian Gaza ceasefire proposal given by US President Joe Biden. Out of 15 members, 14 voted in favor of the proposal. Only Russia abstained from voting.

The Security Council voted on the resolution on Monday. Earlier, on May 31, President Biden proposed a three-phase ceasefire in Gaza.

This proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza was passed at a time when more than 37,000 Palestinians were killed by Israel’s indiscriminate attacks. Half of the houses and structures in the besieged valley have been destroyed, the United Nations said.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield called on Israel and Hamas to immediately accept the ceasefire proposal. He also termed this ceasefire proposal as a new opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian independence organization Hamas welcomed the ceasefire resolution passed by the Security Council. In a statement, the organization expressed its willingness to work with mediators on how to implement the terms of the ceasefire.

However, Israel did not immediately comment on the ceasefire resolution passed by the Security Council. Although it has been said by the United States, President Biden announced the proposal given by Israel.

Earlier, on March 25, the UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. 14 members voted in favor of the proposal. The United States abstained from voting. However, Israel did not accept the proposal.

This war started when Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7 last year. Hamas killed about 1,200 people and took 251 hostages. The international media reported that the number of dead in Gaza has exceeded 37,000 due to Israeli attacks. Most of them are women and children.

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