Woman swallowed alive by 20-foot python, what happened next…

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 9:49 am

A woman has been missing for three days in Indonesia. Despite many searches, he could not be found. Finally what happened, seeing the eyes of the locals! The woman’s body was recovered after cutting the stomach of a 20 feet long python.
The incident happened in central Indonesia. The body of the woman was recovered on Saturday.

According to police and family sources, the dead woman’s name is Farida. He is a resident of Kalempang Village in South Sulawesi Province, Central Indonesia.

On Thursday, he went to sell pepper to a local businessman. But when Farida did not return after a long time, her husband and relatives started searching. A missing diary was also submitted to the police. On Saturday, the locals found the things he used in the forest some distance from the house. The family was informed. While they were all searching together, they saw a python.

The python was killed. Seeing that, the locals are suspicious. Because, in Sulayesi province, there are reports of pythons swallowing living people before. The villagers decided to cut the belly of the huge snake. That’s why their eyes! Farida’s body was recovered from the snake’s stomach.

The woman’s husband said the villagers found Farida’s used items in the forest. While searching, a python comes into view. Due to suspicion, it was decided to cut the stomach of the snake. Farida’s body was recovered with clothes from her stomach.

Forest department officials said such incidents are very rare. But this has happened in the past in Indonesia. Last year, the body of a farmer was recovered from the stomach of a python in Tinangia district of Sulayesi. In 2018, it swallowed a woman in the town of Muna in Southeast Sulawesi.

Meanwhile, panic has spread among the villagers in this situation.

Source: The Independent

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