Israel has destroyed 75 percent of Gaza’s arable land

Last Updated on June 26, 2024 9:06 am

Israel has destroyed 75 percent of the arable land in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. An organization called Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights gave this information. Some of these lands have been acquired as buffer zones. And some parts were crushed by bulldozers.

Euro-Med said Israel had no food supply system in Gaza after destroying all local food production systems. In addition, the barbaric occupation forces are obstructing all the relief efforts that are being sent from the international arena. Zionist Israel is working with the goal of starving the Palestinian people of Gaza to death.

Euro-Med also said it has documents on the deliberate killing of Palestinian farmers. The farmers who were killed were either working in their fields or trying to get to the harvest fields.

They have documents that show the Zionist forces destroying agricultural farms, greenhouses, water wells, ponds and other agricultural equipment, Euromed said.

Source: Purse Today

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