Israel threatens to crush Iran

Last Updated on July 1, 2024 10:10 am

Israel has been invading the Palestinian territory of Gaza since October last year. Since then, tensions between the mainly Lebanese armed group Hezbollah and Israel began to rise. Recently, that tension has reached an extreme. In such a situation, if Israel attacks Lebanon, Iran has warned that a “devastating war will begin”. In response, Israel issued a counter-warning.

The Zionist country said, Iran will be completely crushed.
Reuters reported this information in a report on Sunday (June 30).

In a post on social media X, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz wrote, “Those who threaten destruction are subject to destruction.” If the Lebanese resistance fighters do not stop attacking Israel and withdraw from the border, full force will be used against them as well.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations said on Friday that if Israel launched a “full-scale military invasion” of Lebanon, it would be “a war of attrition.”

In a message posted from their X handle, they also said that if such a situation arises, the option of engaging all resistance fronts is under consideration. The Israeli foreign minister reacted after Iran’s comments.

Lebanese resistance fighters have been attacking Israel since October last year. This week, Netanyahu and Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant said they want to resolve the ongoing issue with Lebanon diplomatically. But Kantz seemed to speak in a different tone. If Israel attacks Lebanon, Iran’s proxies may retaliate, so it is feared that the conflict could spread throughout the Middle East.

About two weeks ago, a senior Israeli military official admitted directly that they could not win against the Palestinian fighters. The Israeli army made a statement when there was a big stir about this. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also denied such claims. But in the meantime, news of Israel’s war preparations against Lebanese resistance fighters emerged.

Failing to achieve its goals, Israeli forces seem to be deliberately prolonging the Gaza war. A top official of the Israeli army has admitted that it is not possible to win this war. But Netanyahu and the cabinet are not willing to accept that. They want to continue the war. In the meantime, Netanyahu is frustrated by the continued attacks of Lebanese resistance fighters. Without looking for a way out, Tel Aviv is taking the brunt of the attack on Lebanon.

In reality, the morale of the Israeli army is broken. Far from eliminating the Palestinian freedom fighters in the nearly 9-month-long Gaza war, not all of the Israeli hostages have yet been rescued. But Netanyahu is betting on disciplining Lebanon. Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Kantz sounded the alarm for a new war amid the prospect of an Israeli attack on Lebanon.

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