Israel wants to kill all the people of Gaza

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 2:01 pm

What Israel is doing in Gaza cannot be called a war under any circumstances. Russian President Vladimir Putin has commented that it is actually the implementation of a brutal plan to kill all Palestinians.

Putin said these things in a meeting with foreign news organizations including the media Anadolu Agency at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIF) in Russia.

At that time, Yusuf Ozhan, the head of Anadolu’s news department, said to Putin, “I asked you a question three years ago, and I am asking that question again today – we have seen billions of people from all over the world, including Europe and America, taking to the streets to condemn Israel’s brutality in Gaza.” They want an end to this conflict by implementing the two-state policy in a peaceful way. Does Russia have any such plans? What does Russia want to contribute to peace in the region?

In response, Putin said, “I want the brutality in Palestine to be stopped now, we have taken a stand against the killing of civilians.” The terrorist activities that Israel is carrying out in Gaza cannot be called war – it is actually a blueprint for killing all the people of Gaza.

Putin also criticized the United States for this. He said that the Biden administration is also providing weapons to kill innocent and unarmed Palestinians, including women and children.

Israel is becoming more and more reckless day by day after finding out about the US. We believe that the suffering of the people of that region is increasing day by day because of this one-sided policy of the US.

Putin said, this conflict will continue until another Palestinian state is established alongside the Jewish state of Israel.

We declared Palestine as a state a long time ago – during the time of the Soviet Union. In this case, our position is still in favor of an independent Palestinian state.

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