Israeli genocide: Palestinian death toll rises to 35,000

Last Updated on May 10, 2024 3:01 am

The brutal massacre of the Israeli forces is going on every day in the besieged Gaza Strip of Palestine. As a result, the death toll in the valley has risen to about 35,000.

In a statement on Thursday (May 9), the Gaza Ministry of Health said that 34,904 Palestinians have been killed so far in the Israeli attack there. In addition, 78 thousand 514 people were injured.

There is no place left in the besieged valley where Israel has not attacked. This time, Israeli soldiers are advancing towards the city of Rafah. Israel has already taken control of the Rafah crossing.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said, he will not supply offensive weapons to Israel. This decision was taken due to the fear that Israel may use these weapons to launch an all-out attack on Rafah.

Frightened, exhausted and simultaneously displaced, millions of Palestinians packed their belongings and began fleeing Rafah. Ever since Israel announced the attack there, terror has spread among these innocent people.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Hamas and Israel are not far from a ceasefire and should do whatever it takes to reach an agreement.

President Biden has directed Israel not to launch a full-scale attack on Rafah.

In a statement on Wednesday (May 8), he said he would cut off arms supplies to Israel if it attacks the southern Gaza city of Rafah. This is the first US warning to Israel during the conflict with Hamas.

In an interview with CNN, Biden also condemned the killing of civilians as a result of US bombing of Palestinian territories.

The renewed warning comes after the United States halted a shipment of bombs to Israel last week amid concerns that Israel was preparing to launch a major attack on the town of Rafah.

Biden warned Israel, “If they attack Rafah, I will not supply them with weapons.” We will not supply the weapons and artillery used in the attack on Rafah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently made it clear that he would attack Rafah. Privately, several US officials said that President Biden does not agree with the Israeli Prime Minister on this matter. He is not in favor of attacking Rafah.

Biden is also under increasing pressure within the administration and within his own party to cut arms supplies to Israel. That is why a shipment of weapons was not sent to Israel last week.

In this regard, the Associated Press (AP) news agency, citing a top official of the US administration, said that a shipment of bombs was not sent to Israel. The official said on condition of anonymity that the decision was taken last week not to send the consignment.

It should be noted that the Palestinian freedom organization Hamas entered the Erez border of Israel on October 7 to protest against the torture, oppression, genocide, human rights violations and forced land occupation by the Israeli forces for many decades. After that, Israel launched a new attack on Gaza.

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