Kim’s warning to the United States

Last Updated on May 27, 2024 8:41 am

North Korea has accused the US and South Korea of flying spy planes and ships over the Korean peninsula. Accusing both countries, the country’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un said their provocative actions seriously violate North Korea’s national sovereignty and national security.

Kim warned that immediate action would be taken if the nation’s sovereignty and security interests were violated. At the same time, North Korea’s Vice Defense Minister Kim Gang Il has warned that strict measures will be taken to protect the sovereignty of North Korea. This warning was given on Sunday with reference to the country’s news agency KCNA. Reuters.

Kim Gang Il said the US had flown RQ-4B drones, including at least 16 of its RS-135 and U-2S tactical reconnaissance aircraft, over the Korean Peninsula.

According to the ministry, the spy planes and drones were flown between May 13 and 24. Ill also said, ‘Such hostile espionage, along with various military exercises, has become the main reason for increasing regional military tensions.

Such frequent incursions into our maritime borders will have dire consequences.” Il also alleged that propaganda leaflets were being sent by balloon from South Korea. He called it a dangerous provocation. Meanwhile, Kim has also accused the US of increasing military activity in the region by South Korea’s navy and coast guard and fueling further tensions.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have reached an all-time high in recent years. Countries such as Japan, the US and South Korea have launched joint military exercises in the region to counter North Korea’s growing aggression. Meanwhile, Pyongyang’s ballistic missile tests and intelligence satellite launches have made the world more anxious.

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