If there is a war, Lebanon will fire 500,000 missiles at Israel

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 9:24 am

Hezbollah will launch 500,000 missiles at Israel if a new war is started against Lebanon. The Grand Shia Mufti of the country, Sheikh Ahmad Kabalan, gave this warning in a meeting in Beirut.

At the time, he said, Israel should be prepared to withstand 500,000 missiles if a full-scale war breaks out. The destructive power of these missiles will take the occupying government back to what it was 70 years ago.

Lebanon’s Shiite Grand Mufti also said that Israeli officials are living in a state of confusion that “Hezbollah can be defeated.”

He said that despite Israel’s huge stockpile of weapons and ammunition, they have not been able to defeat the resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip for the past eight months. But the fighters of Gaza are fighting with ordinary weapons made entirely of their own technology. The Lebanese resistance fighters, on the other hand, have a large arsenal of sophisticated technology.

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah threatened last Wednesday that if Israel launches a full-scale aggression against Lebanon, no part of Israel will be spared from the attacks of its fighters, before the warning from Lebanon’s Shia Grand Mufti.

Then on Sunday, Hezbollah released satellite images of key Israeli military and civilian installations, infuriating Tel Aviv.

Hezbollah wants to send a message to Tel Aviv that these installations will be targeted if a full-scale war breaks out.

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