Saudi expelled 3 lakh unregistered pilgrims

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 9:42 am

Thousands of unregistered pilgrims who were going to perform Hajj in Mecca were expelled from the holy city of Mecca by members of the Saudi security forces. Al Arabiya reported this information in a report on Sunday.

Recently, the authorities have expelled 153 thousand 998 foreign nationals from the holy city of Mecca. They came to Saudi Arabia on flights from abroad, but most of them came on tourist visas.

They were taken out of Makkah because they did not have Hajj visas, according to state media SPA. In addition, another 171,587 people were also expelled from Makkah, who are originally from Saudi Arabia, but are not residents of Makkah and are not allowed to perform Hajj.

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