Israel’s wartime minister resigns under pressure from Netanyahu

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 9:40 am

Disagreement in Israel’s wartime cabinet over the war in the Gaza Strip has reached a fever pitch. As a result, Benny Gantz, a key cabinet member and wartime minister, resigned. He announced his resignation on Sunday. His resignation is seen as a major blow to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the Gaza war. News from Aljazeera and CNN.

Benny Gantz said Netanyahu is preventing us from moving toward real victory. That is why we are leaving the emergency government today.

He further said that there should be an election that will form a government – a government that will be able to gain the confidence of the people and face challenges. I call on Netanyahu to set the election date based on everyone’s opinion.

Netanyahu formed an emergency wartime cabinet last year to oversee the Gaza war. Benny Gantz was one of the members of this three-member cabinet. He served as Israel’s Defense Minister. Currently, he is seen as Netanyahu’s main rival in Israeli politics.

Benny Gantz threatened to quit the emergency government last month, The Times of Israel reported. He then said he would leave his government if Netanyahu failed to reveal a post-Gaza war plan. Gantz was expected to resign last Saturday. However, he postponed the announcement of resignation when the Israeli forces rescued four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza in an operation that day. On that day, more than 270 Palestinians were killed in the attack carried out by Israel in the name of rescuing prisoners.

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