Saudi reduced the duration of Umrah visa

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 5:42 am

This year, the government of Saudi Arabia has reduced the duration of Umrah visa. Earlier this visa was valid till 29th day of Zilkbad, the eleventh month of the Arabic lunar calendar. According to the new announcement of the government from now this period will be till 15th of Zilkbad. That is, the visa period has been reduced to 14 days.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah confirmed this information in an official notification on Sunday (April 14).

According to the notification, the duration of Umrah visa has been reduced according to the government decision. From now the validity of Umrah visa will be up to 15 Zilkad.

Incidentally, the name of the month after Zilqud is Zilhaj. Hajj begins on the 8th of this month and ends on the 13th. Every year millions of Muslims from different countries of the world gather in Saudi to perform Hajj. A large part of them started coming from the month of Zilkabad.

Officials of the ministry said that this change has been made in the Umrah visa to facilitate the accommodation and movement of pilgrims.

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