Surrender of more than two hundred soldiers of the Janta Bahini after losing a large base in Rakhine

Last Updated on May 8, 2024 4:43 am

Another major base of the country’s ruling junta has fallen to insurgents in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Radio Free Asia reported that more than two hundred soldiers of the base, located near the border with Bangladesh, surrendered to the rebel Arakan Army.

The Arakan Army claimed in a statement on Monday (May 6) that the Janta Bahini’s 15th Operational Command Headquarters in Buthidong had fallen and over 200 soldiers had surrendered to them.

It is being said on behalf of the Arakan Army that they were fighting to capture the operational command headquarters number 15 for 12 consecutive days. That command collapsed last Thursday and over 200 soldiers surrendered.

A video released by the Arakan Army also showed some Rohingya Muslims among the surrendering troops.

According to the rebel group’s statement, the soldiers who surrendered are members of the 551, 552, 564 and 565 battalions of the Janta Bahini.

In a statement, the Arakan Army said, “The soldiers of these battalions were captured by us during the operation conducted from March 25 to May 3.”

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